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1024x1024px sterilizacni kalisek rozlozeny pure love

The sterilizing cup is suitable for sterilising the menstrual cup in the microwave oven (by boiling in clean water). The cup is soft, rubber and compact. Universal size. 

ladygel 300ml

Intimate hygiene soap (300 ml) suitable for sensitive skin. It contains white tea extract and allantoin, which helps heal microscopic wounds and soothes the skin.

ladysanitizer 50ml

Hand antibacterial gel (50 ml) with a regenerative effect in practical packaging especially suitable when travelling. Fast drying, transparent gel substance,...

ladycup sacek transparentni
Storage bag
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Menstrual cup storage bag. Universal size – suitable for any menstrual cup.

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Intimate wet LadyWipe (5 or 10 pcs) with Hamamelis Virginiana extract gently cleanses the intimate area and reduces irritation, providing long lasting freshness....

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ladylube 100ml

LadyLube (100 ml) is a highly efficient water-based gel with optimum pH, soluble in water, with very good skin tolerability. We recommend using the gel to facilitate...

Návleky na prsty LadyProtectors (Balení LadyProtectors 12 kusů)
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Finger cots designed for easy and hygienic manipulation of the LadyCup menstrual cup when inserting or removing it. 

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milton packaging

Milton Sterilising Tablets 28 pack. Expertly developed to sterilise menstrual cups using cold water in 15 minutes. Milton sterilization tablets are more efficient...

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