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LadyCup Menstrual Cup Green(Small or Large) and LadyPad Pantyliner Sunflowers (XXS, XS, S, M, L).

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LadyCup (menstrual reusable cup), size S(mall) or L(arge), 100% cotton bag, Intimate wet LadyWipe (10 pieces), Milton sterilising tablets (2...

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LadyCup reusable menstrual cup is modern hygiene protection. Available in sizes S (small) and L (large). The package in plastic and cardboard cover includes a menstrual cup, a...

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LadyCup Menstrual Cup Eco Plastic Free
€19.99 –20 %

Zero waste alternative! LadyCup reusable menstrual cup in transparent color sent without plastic cover. Available in sizes S (small) and L (large). The package includes a...

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LadyP Pink
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LadyP Pink
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LadyP is modern ladies’ hygienic urinal device for peeing while standing up. No more disposable devices! No more hard and cumbersome devices! Protect the...

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Save 20%! LadyCup Neon (Small or Large), LadyP Neon Orange (ladies’ hygienic device for peeing while standing up), LadyP protective case Neon Orange for storing LadyP. 

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LadyPad One Half Coloured Pad and Liner Mint Green
€12.39 –50 %

LadyPad washable organic leak-proof pads with inserts ideal for daytime use. Two-piece. One half colored. Available in three sizes and various colors.

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ladygel 300ml
€5.99 –10 %

Intimate hygiene soap (300 ml) suitable for sensitive skin. It contains white tea extract and allantoin, which helps heal microscopic wounds and soothes the skin.


A zero-waste alternative to tampons and pads

The LadyCup Menstrual Cup is one of the most popular menstrual aids in the world. It lasts 5 to 10 years during which you save money and the planet from thousands of disposable aids. In addition to the menstrual cup and its accessories, we produce LadyPad cloth pads from organic cotton and bamboo, LadyP urinal device and cosmetics for intimate hygiene.

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