About Us

We are happy for your interest in our company and welcome the opportunity to offer you some insights into our business connections, products and above all, our team. Our company is Jaguara s.r.o. and we produce, sell and markets a full range of hygienic products of top quality, such as Menstrual cups, Hand sanitizers, Intimate gels, Intimate wet wipes, Lubrication gels, Urinal devices, Pads from certified organic cotton and other goods. All our products are being sold with care and highest international quality and safety standards. The reason for the company’s success is clear, as without providing an excellent customer service and attention to details, we realise that without our customers support and re-ordering, we would be soon out of business and hence, try to ensure that when the difficult job of attracting a new customer is completed, we continually provide a follow up service and promotions to give you more for your money.

You can trust us to be discreet, offering fast delivery and secure online ordering. Please feel free to browse our site and contact us with any questions you might be curious about. We are looking to expand our distribution network nationwide through retail establishments. Please feel free to ask them to bring it in for you through their distributor or contact us with the store information and we will be happy to assist them in ordering it in for you.

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