Keep LadyCup in the enclosed cotton bag. If stored in a place without UV radiation, LadyCup will preserve its clean colour for a long time. Do not keep LadyCup in airtight packages. Perform boiling or sterilization at the end of the menstruation period. Rinsing with water and using non-perfumed soap, if possible, is recommended as basic maintenance during menstruation. Perform maintenance as soon as possible upon emptying to prevent drying of menstrual blood, which makes subsequent cleaning more difficult. If water is not available, e.g. toilet paper can be used.

Check for the proper position of the inserted LadyCup according to instructions. Check whether LadyCup adheres to the vaginal wall. It is important that LadyCup is unfolded entirely. Perform the check using a finger along its surface. Check the patency of the low pressure openings and clean them if needed.

Size S (small) – diameter 40 mm; length 46 mm; length of the stem 19 mm; volume 21,2 ml

Size L (large) – diameter 46 mm; length 53 mm; length of the stem 12 mm; volume 34,3 ml

The 19/13 mm stem can be shortened to the length you find most suitable by simply using a sharp knife or scissors. The stem can be removed entirely as well, however, please be careful not to cut into the bottom of the LadyCup!

If you are not sure which LadyCup size to choose, do not hesitate to contact us: support@jaguara.eu. In case of an incorrectly selected size, we will exchange the purchased LadyCup for a second size. Please send LadyCup back to us in the original packaging to the address listed in the Contacts section.

To facilitate insertion, LadyCup can be moistened with water or a water-based lubrication gel can be used. Try an insertion position suitable for you (sitting/squatting/kneeling position) during a period without menstruation. Overall relaxation is important for removal! Try a removal position suitable for you (sitting/squatting position) in a period without menstruation. You can also help yourself by using your vaginal muscles. Separate LadyCup from the vaginal wall using the stem and a finger and pull LadyCup out lightly.

LadyCup need not be taken out. It is your decision and depends on how you feel. If LadyCup moves, it needs to be replaced again properly so that possible running through does not occur.

LadyCup cannot be used during sexual intercourse.

LadyCup has a different design. One difference is that there are no marks, inscriptions or symbols on its inner and outer surfaces. Therefore maintenance is very easy. The shape and surface of the bottom part and of the stem is adapted for easier removal/insertion thanks to its raised bumps. The thickness of the silicone material used is adapted to provide maximum flexibility, thus ensuring the best possible feeling during use. Low pressure openings are designed so as to prevent possible running through.

Can be used with a diaphragm or spiral.

LadyCup is especially suitable for all active women. You will appreciate its use during any sporting activities or while travelling.

Whether you are planning an active holiday or relaxing by the sea, you will enjoy it to the fullest with your LadyCup! You insert the cup and then you can easily forget about it for up to 12 hours. You will appreciate this for sports, swimming in the sea, but also for long journeys in the car or bus without a toilet.

LadyCup can be used safely from the very first menstruation. While virginity is not an obstacle, the vaginal muscles are tighter and insertion can be a challenge until your body has adapted to accommodate the cup.

The package is absolutely discrete. LadyCup is wrapped in an opaque bubble envelope or in cardboard packaging. LadyCup is shipped through the local post office or the carrier Packeta / DHL.

We accept Card payment, Bank transfer, Cash on delivery and Paypal as payment method.

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