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Milton Sterilising Tablets 28 pack. Expertly developed to sterilise menstrual cups using cold water in 15 minutes. Milton sterilization tablets are more efficient than simple boiling which does not kill all germs.

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Product detailed description

The Milton cold water method of sterilising has been used by hospitals for over 70 years and has been specifically formulated to kill 99.9% of germs. Ideal for use at home, travel and overnight stays. The solution is effective for 24 hours. 

Sterilization tablets sterilize your LadyCup in 15 minutes. Moreover, there is no risk of damaging LadyCup by boiling. Milton disinfection has already been used in hospitals for 30 years, and its antibacterial efficiency against all germs is clinically proven. In addition, Milton sterilization tablets are more efficient than simple boiling, which does not kill all germs.

How to Use
Wash your menstrual cup in clean, warm soapy water, then rinse before using the sterilising solution. Drop 1 tablet into appropriate amount of clean, cold water. Let the tablet dissolve to form the Sterilising Solution. Pop a cup into the Milton Sterilising Solution and ensure it is completely submerged for a minimum of 15 minutes to become sterilised. Rinse the cup under water to prevent any residual solution from entering the vagina. 

Active ingredient: Troclosene Sodium (CAS: 2893-78-9) 19.5% w/w

Sterilizing tablets

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JN Avatar of author | 1.4.2024
I've been using the tablets for some years now and I am very happy with the quality. I recommend!
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