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LadyP All in one

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LadyP All in one
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LadyP (ladies’ hygienic device for peeing while standing up), LadyP protective case for storing LadyP, LadyP extension (long flexible tube for even greater comfort and easy directing into the toilet), intimate wet LadyWipe (10 pieces), antibacterial gel with instant effect LadySanitizer (50 ml) and intimate body and LadyP care LadyGel (300 ml).

Detailed information

Product detailed description


This is why LadyP:

  • 100% medically safe thanks to the use medical grade silicone!
  • Storable thanks to a flexible material!
  • Rounded edge for improved sealing.
  • Narrow tube for safe outlet of urine.
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly – lasts up to 15 years when maintained properly.
  • Practical “handle” for better handling or hanging.
  • Ideal design and size.
  • No latex allergies! BPA-free! Phthalates free!
  • Simple maintenance!

Package contents:

LadyP is modern ladies’ hygienic urinal device for peeing while standing up. No more disposable devices! No more hard and cumbersome devices! Protect the environment!

LadyP Protective Case. Practical, sport-style case designed especially for storing LadyP. Just insert it, roll in and close. Includes a small clip to attach it. Your LadyP will be protected against any damage and you will never lose it.

LadyP Extension even for greater comfort and correct orientation to the toilet bowl or a certain place.

Intimate wet LadyWipe (10 pieces) with Hamamelis Virginiana extract gently cleanses the intimate area and reduces irritation, providing long lasting freshness. Packed in one piece.

LadyGel Intimate hygiene soap (300 ml) suitable for sensitive skin. It contains white tea extract and allantoin, which helps heal microscopic wounds and soothes the skin.

LadySanitizer Hand antibacterial gel (50 ml) with a regenerative effect in practical packaging especially suitable when travelling. Fast drying, transparent gel substance, contains vitamin E and aloe vera extract. 


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