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Disposable mask/respirator

Disposable mask

The mask is designed to protect the people around you by preventing the spread of disease to another person via droplet infection. The mask will not protect against infection or viruses, but it will primarily reduce their spread. In general, it reduces the risk of infection as much as 2.5 times. The mask is not designed to be used more than once.

CE certification. Packed in protective packaging.

Disposable mask

Information regarding the use of the mask

  • Before putting on the mask, clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand emulsion (sanitiser) or soap and water.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with the mask and check that no space remains between your face and the mask.
  • As soon as you begin to use the mask, you must ensure that you do not touch it. If you do, clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand emulsion or soap and water.
  • Change the mask for a new one as soon as it becomes damp and do not reuse disposable masks.
  • Procedure for removing the mask: Remove the mask from the back (do not touch the front of the mask). Immediately place the mask in a closed waste container. Clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand emulsion (sanitiser) or soap and water.

KN95 (FFP2) respirator

KN95 four-layer respirator, suitable for everyday protection.

The KN95 protective norm corresponds to the European FFP2 / American N95.

The surface is made from 50G anti-adhesion fabric. The second layer is 45G cotton, designed for warm air, the third layer is 30G KN filtration material, and the inside consists of 30G PP anti-adhesion fabric.

KN95 respirator

The respirator captures 99% of external particles. It’s suitable as protection against viruses and bacteria. Protection against non-toxic solid and liquid particles. Captures aerosols, dust and smog particles, and pollen.

Manufactured from a high-quality and safe material, which reduces the risk of skin irritation.

Designed for single use (minimum period of 6 hours).

Its lifespan and effectiveness are dependent on the manner of use. Increased moistness reduces its effectiveness, therefore we recommend that you protect it against moisture.

Information regarding the use of the respirator

Replace the respirator in the following cases:

  • Resistance while breathing has increased significantly.
  • The respirator is damaged or destroyed.
  • The respirator does not fit close to the face.
  • The respirator is contaminated.
  • The respirator has been used.

The KN95 respirator is similar to the American certification N95 and the European certification FFP2. KN95 is a professional industrial norm, which specifies that the given respirator provides the intended effectiveness of the filtration of 95% of particles with a mean weight diameter of 0.3 micrometres.

The respirator is most effective when used in combination with frequent cleaning of the hands with an alcohol-based hand emulsion, or soap and water (sanitiser).

The facial respirator is not designed for more than one use. If your respirator has been damaged or contaminated, or if breathing through the respirator is becoming more difficult, you should remove the respirator, dispose of it safely and change it for a new one. The safe disposal of a used respirator is considered to be placing it in a plastic bag, and then liquidating it as waste.

Can I use a mask/respirator repeatedly?

The mask/respirator must be changed as soon as it becomes moist due to saliva or other bodily fluids, as it loses its protective properties. Never use the mask/respirator repeatedly, and do not wash or disinfect it. It is forbidden to share the mask/respirator with other persons.

Workers in other fields regularly use the KN95 respirator for a period of several hours without interruption. Experience from this type of use shows that, within the scope of its design specifications, the respirator can function for a period 8 hours of uninterrupted or interrupted use.

How long you can use the KN95 respirator depends on what specifically you’re doing, and the length of the period for which you wear the respirator in one day. Ideally, a disposable respirator should be changed every day.

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