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  • New LadyCup French Fuchsia
  • New LadyCup French Fuchsia
  • Protective cotton face masks Certified quality system – LadyCup is made exclusively from medical silicon in the EU

Partners Stand with LadyP LadyPad – 70% organic bamboo and 30% certified organic cotton B’O Baby clothes 4 Baby Teething ring

LadyWipe, Sanitizer, LadyGel, LadyLube, LadyProtectors, Milton

Intimate wet LadyWipe with Hamamelis Virginiana Extract

  • care and comfort every day
  • suitable and safe for menstrual cup
  • extra soft
  • alcohol-free
  • pH 5.5

Intimate Wet LadyWipe gently cleanses the intimate area and reduces irritation, providing long lasting freshness, protection, pleasant feeling and comfort. It is recommended use in the office, on travels… Intimate Wet LadyWipe respects the natural pH of your intimate and sensitive area.

Use with menstrual cup

Clean the menstrual cup with Intimate Wet LadyWipe. After cleaning, it is important to let the menstrual cup dry before inserting it again.


LadySanitizer – antibacterial gel with instant effect!

Recommended before and after using a menstrual cup!

It is a fast drying, transparent gel substance containing VITAMINE E and ALOE VERA extract.

  • high effect – 99.99% to protect you against viruses and infection
  • does not dry skin
  • ideal packaging fitting in a handbag

Packaging: 50 ml of gel in a bottle

Hand disinfector with a regenerative effect in practical packaging especially suitable when travelling. It is useful when hands need to be treated with an antibacterial product, before and after using a menstrual cup, in case water with antibacterial soap is not available. It has an excellent absorbing quality.

LadySanitizer 50 ml

LadyGel – intimate gel for sensitive skin

Suitable especially for intimate hygiene and care of the menstrual cup. Contains white tea extract and allantoin which is helpful in healing of microscopic injuries to sensitive mucosa. Calms down irritated sites. Neutralizes unpleasant smell. Provides the feeling of being fresh and clean. Suitable for washing of sensitive skin, as well.

We have prepared a new liquid gentle intimate soap LadyGel for easy maintenance of the menstrual cup LadyCup, representing an alternative of maintenance using sterilization tablets Milton. The liquid soap is available in the volume of 300 ml. Its specific natural non-irritating composition with low pH 5.5 and white tea extracts is suitable both for entire intimate female hygiene as well as for taking care of the menstrual cup.


LadyLube – lubrication gel

LadyLube water-based is a highly efficient gel with optimum pH, soluble in water (without fat), with very good skin tolerability. We recommend using the gel to facilitate introduction of LadyCup, especially the size S(mall).


LadyProtectors – for inserting or removing the LadyCup

LadyProtectors are used for easy and hygienic manipulation of the LadyCup menstrual cup when inserting or removing it. Use it if the standard hygiene level of your hands is insufficient when manipulating the LadyCup. Suitable for common everyday use, when travelling, in the countryside, on the toilet, etc. Simple to use rollable LadyProtectors are slipped over the fingers you use for inserting or removing the LadyCup menstrual cup.

LadyProtectors are a new generation of finger cots. Free from latex, which may cause allergic reactions. Rolled edges ensure they can be worn quickly and easily.

  • Antistatic
  • Powder-free
  • Chlorine-free
  • Sulphur-free
  • Latex-free

LadyProtectors (2 protectors) are included in the luxury pack.
LadyProtectors are available separately in packages of 12 or 24.


Milton – 28 sterilising tablets

  • part of the luxurypack and of the double luxury pack

Sterilization tablets sterilize your LadyCup in 15 minutes. Moreover, there is no risk of damaging LadyCup by boiling. Milton disinfection has already been used in hospitals for 30 years, and its antibacterial efficiency against all germs is clinically proven. In addition, Milton sterilization tablets are more efficient than simple boiling, which does not kill all germs.

Milton sterilising tablets
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partners Stand with LadyP LadyPad – 70% organic bamboo and 30% certified organic cotton
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