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  • New LadyCup French Fuchsia
  • New LadyCup French Fuchsia
  • New LadyCup French Fuchsia
  • New LadyCup French Fuchsia
  • New LadyCup French Fuchsia
  • Protective cotton face masks Certified quality system – LadyCup is made exclusively from medical silicon in the EU

Partners Stand with LadyP LadyPad – 70% organic bamboo and 30% certified organic cotton B’O Baby clothes 4 Baby Teething ring

100% organic cotton bag dyed with herbs

Our organic cotton bags coloured with herbs are made from 100% organic cotton dyed in a purely natural way using herbs as colour. This traditional dying method is inspired by ayurvedic healing methods and allows the cotton to retain its natural properties – its softness, long life and breathability.

The organic cotton material has not had any synthetic chemical treatments or finishings and it therefore represents the purest, most natural material for storing the LadyCup menstrual cup.

The main ingredients for producing the dye for this bag are: turmeric, myraballum, sandalwood and pomegranate peel.

100% organic bag

About the manufacture

  • the use of genetically modified cotton is banned in manufacture
  • made in a pure natural way which eliminates any synthetic products in every phase of manufacture
  • no environmental damage such as for conventional textiles (natural part of the cycle of nature)
  • white colour achieved by sunlight bleaching (laying it out on the grass and washing it in a mineral and citrus solution)
  • dyed using natural dyes obtained from herbs (a method inspired by ancient ayurvedic healing techniques, based on healing patients by wrapping and dressing them in fabrics dyed in a selected combination of healing herb solutions


  • thanks to the environmentally-friendly process, the material retains its natural properties – long life, softness and breathability
  • thanks to the natural technique of manufacture, the material is pure and does not release any harmful compounds even after heating

Yellow LadyCup ORGANICbag

  • the main ingredients for the yellow colour are: turmeric, myraballum, sandalwood and pomegranate peel

Healing effects

  • Myraballum – great cleansing effects, its extract is also used to rejuvenate the skin
  • Sandalwood – a wonderful smell, great cooling and calming effects and used in ayurveda to treat skin diseases and injuries
  • Pomegranate – a positive effect on the heart, lowers cholesterol and has very strong natural antibiotic effects, reduces heat
  • Turmeric – great cleansing effects (cleanses the blood), treatment for skin problems


  • health
  • bag lifetime (the material has not been chemically altered)
  • considerate of the environment
  • considerate of people in the manufacturing process
  • the right ethical choice
  • lasting sustainability
  • a solution for the future
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partners Stand with LadyP LadyPad – 70% organic bamboo and 30% certified organic cotton
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